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To inspire the community and ensure that refugees fleeing unimaginable circumstances are supported when they arrive in SLO, Rick Stollmeyer, Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of Inspired Flight Technologies, Inc. and Co-Founder – Mindbody, has generously pledged a $300,000 matching gift to SLO4Home. 
“This gift is an opportunity to ensure that our community can be a place of refuge and safety for families as they start over,” said Stollmeyer. “This is what it looks like when SLO puts our values into action. SLO4Home has stepped up to provide the kind of assistance for refugees that hasn’t before existed in our community, and I am proud to support their essential work.”
This dollar-for-dollar match will help Afghan refugees establish new lives and livelihoods on the Central Coast. Donations will go toward transportation, housing support, basic necessities and services to help newly arrived families settle into new homes, jobs and schools. 

About Your Donation

SLO4Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes.

Our EIN is 87-4021839

Where to Donate

Donate with the link above or mail to:

SLO4Home, Inc.
P.O. Box 3901
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

Why Now?

As chaos unfolded this past summer when America ended its 20-year mission in Afghanistan, we could feel the desperation and terror of those thousands of families forced to leave their homeland. Many of those fleeing the Taliban have come to America, and they need and deserve our help to restart their lives in welcoming communities, including here on the Central Coast.

Financial contributions and in-kind donations will be used for transportation, housing support, and providing the basic necessities to start a new and thriving life here. Your contributions will augment what the U.S. government provides refugees in one-time funds – a meager $1,250.

These families have urgent and varied needs, many having left relatively comfortable lives like our own with nothing more than what they could carry as they escaped. They worked as attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, educators and in the medical field. Because of their commitment to making Afghanistan a better place, each one of these families are highly targeted by the Taliban. We are working to ensure that SLO County warmly welcomes them and helps them regain their footing so that they can add to the rich fabric of our community.

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