About SLO4Home

Inspired by the heartbreaking plight of Afghans threatened by the Taliban in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal, SLO4Home was born out of the desire of friends Dr. Vance Rodgers and Lauren Brown, Ph.D., to provide a safe haven for those most at risk of reprisals. Initially envisioned as a short term response to the crisis in Afghanistan, we have grown into an organization with the enduring commitment to support refugees from around the world fleeing war and other catastrophes. We believe that our communities are enriched when we uplift the vulnerable and embrace the talents they bring with them. Whether the dentist who served his patients in a war zone, the young college student who risked her life for the chance at an education, the little girl free to chase big dreams, we are proud to stand with them and grateful for the compassion of our donors who have made this endeavor possible. 



Collaborate with refugees from war torn countries in rebuilding their lives to foster self-sufficiency and




Build stronger, more compassionate and diverse California Central Coast communities.



Core Values

Honor Diversity & Dignity
Support refugees in building new lives while preserving their cultural heritages, guided by
fundamental human rights, integrity, compassion, and empathy.

Cultivate Community Connections
Embody and inspire kindness, understanding, and selflessness towards others. By inspiring these
qualities in ourselves and others, we strive to create a more inclusive, compassionate and
connected community for all.

Promote Culturally Aware Learning
Foster a safe supportive environment where refugees heal and thrive by listening and learning
from the refugees’ extraordinary challenging circumstances and diverse perspectives.

Ensure Enduring Impacts
Create right-sized sustainable infrastructure to further the organization’s ongoing efficacy to
serve resettled and future refugees within resource availability while also creating a fulfilling
volunteer experience.

SLO4Home is a Community Partner

Our nonprofit is an official partner agency of Church World Services (CWS), which was approved by the U.S. Department of State as an official agency to resettle refugees and has been doing so since World War II. CWS provides SLO4Home important training, resources, and helps in the process of resettling refugees to their new community.

We are actively seeking additional supporters and volunteers. We are in discussions with Cal Poly representatives about possible collaborations in support of Afghan Scholars who may come to the campus for research and other scholarly endeavors.

If your organization can partner with us, please email info@slo4home.org

Board of Directors

Our 501c3 nonprofit is led by a team of volunteers from our community who serve on the Board of Directors:

  • Vance Rodgers, M.D. – President
  • Katie Lichtig – Vice-President

  • David Acosta – Treasurer
  • Lauren Brown, Ph.D. – Secretary
  • Susan Dressler, Ed.D – Director
  • Julia Jones – Director
  • Kathleen Minck – Director

Directors Emeriti

  • Ermina Karim, V.P., Mortgage Lending
  • Hillary Trout, CPA, iFixit
  • Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, Founder of Noor Foundation

Of Counsel

  • Neil Tardiff, Tardiff Law