A Community-Wide Effort

Since forming in October 2021, our organization has quickly grown to include many community members from diverse faith communities, volunteers and activists, and members of our U.S. military including those who served in Afghanistan.

  • 11 Christian churches
  • 2 Jewish congregations
  • Islamic Society of SLO County & Mosque of Nasreen
  • Leader of the Chumash Native American tribe
  • A member of the Baháʼí faith
  • White Heron Sangha
  • Active duty service members and veterans

Our collective efforts are motivated out of respect and compassion to support the thousands of Afghans who worked directly with the U.S. in military, diplomatic and many other supporting roles that made them eligible for U.S. visas, but, tragically, also put them in the Taliban’s crosshairs. Easing their transition is one small way to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

SLO4Home is a Community Partner

Our nonprofit is an official partner agency of Church World Services (CWS), which was approved by the U.S. Department of State as an official agency to resettle refugees and has been doing so since World War II. CWS provides SLO4Home important training, resources, and helps in the process of resettling refugees to their new community.

We are actively seeking additional supporters and volunteers. We are in discussions with Cal Poly representatives about possible collaborations in support of Afghan Scholars who may come to the campus for research and other scholarly endeavors.

If your organization can partner with us, please email info@slo4home.org

Board of Directors

Our 501c3 nonprofit is led by a team of volunteers from our community who serve on the Board of Directors:

  • Vance Rodgers, M.D. – President
  • Katie Lichtig – Vice-President

  • David Acosta – Treasurer
  • Lauren Brown, Ph.D. – Secretary
  • Susan Dressler, Ed.D – Director
  • Julia Jones – Director
  • Kathleen Minck – Director